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Peace of Mind... 

   Starting at $30/day, your horse will receive the highest care available. We are equipped and knowledgeable to handle the most difficult care for your horse no matter how detailed the task. We work closely with all equine professionals to ensure the best outcome for your horse. Our lay - up program is referred to by all major equine practices in our area. We provide customized care, developed by your veterinarian and tailored to your horse's individual needs. 



"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." 
Martin Buber
Post Colic Surgery Care


  • Wound care management and belly bandaging

  • Precise feeding program

  • Hand walking and grazing

  • Introduction to turn out


Foal lay-up 


We do not offer care for foals with a contagious disease, but we will provide 24/hour care for foals with a low immune system, joint ill, or simply in need of a detailed medication schedule. 


Clients also use WHE for foal corrective leg splints or bandages. These are provided by their veterinarian and managed by our professionals. 

Complete Stall Rest


If your horse is in need of total confinement, we can provide a safe space for him to stay. A choice of solid stall walls or dividing bars so that your horse has a neighbor to see. Grooming and extra attention is at no additional cost.


Leg Injuries


Decades of experience working with veterinarians to provide after care for the



  • Suspensory and ligament damage

  • Wounds (large and small)

  • Tendon injuries

  • Cellulitis 

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