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Broodmare Management

Local Veterinarian Clinics:

We have a wonderful working relationship with


all equine clinics in our area. They are not 

limited to:



     We work closely with the veterinarian of your choice and maintain a stress free

environment for your mare. This ensures the highest rate of pregnancy success. We handle all scheduling with stallion owners, frozen semen agents, veterinarian offices, and FedEx. Mares are bred at our facility using fresh or frozen semen.  A record of your mare's breeding cycle is kept up to date and a teaser stallion is carefully handled to naturally track your mare's progress before and during the time of breeding. This works well along side of your veterinarian's use of ultrasound equipment. We also handle mares for embryo flushing at our facility. Mares are kept in small groups and handled only by professionals. Year-round board and management is open to clients who take advantage of our foaling services. 




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